Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Brilliant SOWAPs petition is now promotable (like fb ads) and someone has already paid for an ad. thanks!

Hi gary,
Congratulations! Your petition, “Weymouth and Portland Burough Council, Christine James Mayor of WPBC: Tell Weymouth and Portland Borough Council to protect Old Weymouth high street from developers, forever.,” was just promoted by a supporter in United Kingdom to other users on Change.org.
We noticed your petition was gaining momentum and we gave your supporters the opportunity to chip in and help promote it to a wider audience. Your petition may be promoted again by other people, but we are only letting you know this first time.
To learn more about petition promotion, visit our FAQ.
- The Change.org Team

Once a petition reaches a certain minimum number of signatures - depending on location and other factors - the petition starter will be notified via email that their petition is promotable. At that point, anyone, including petition starters, can choose to promote the petition by clicking on the "Promote this Petition" button.

How does promoted advertising work?

After signing a petition, you may be presented with the option to pay to promote that petition to other users on the site. 

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