Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tell Weymouth and Portland Borough Council to protect Old Weymouth high street from developers, forever.

Welcome to Save old Weymouth and Portland and the first of what unfortunately seem to be many missions.

Old Weymouth high street is a precious site of global historical importance.  Site of the 1645 Battle of Weymouth, part of the Crabchurch Conspiracy. This is a battle site where around 200 souls lost their lives on a night when, all told about 500 people died in the fighting. There are also remains of many Tudor houses and environs. Much has been lost due to development and now it is feared the rest is about to go the same way.

Save Old Weymouth high street seek to raise awareness of this precious heritage site and it's plight. We also aim to ensure that Weymouth and Portland Borough Council make sure the site is properly and extensively archaeologically surveyed by independent experts. Then preserved, enhanced and made accessible to the public for generations to come.

This is a very important place offering great insights into our past with the potential of greatly enhancing Weymouth and Portland's tourist offering globally. We owe it to future generations to save this site. I hope you agree and will act accordingly.
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