Monday, 6 March 2017


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Gary Jones
Gary Jones think she needs to hear from hundreds, just copy, modify and paste this ... or give her a call, she really wants to hear from you. Dear Alison Reed,

I understand that you’ve been asking residents for their opinions on live music at these two venues

I lived in Chapelhay for 11 years and on a summer evening with the windows open I'd hear music and it was fantastic.

For what it’s worth I could also hear music from the Rendezvous when they had outdoor events and the announcements form the town bridge – it’s all part of living in a thriving town centre

I and many many others support applications for live music licences from any of these pubs, there are more of us than these nimbys who moved in a minute ago and are already trying to destroy local traditional culture

Best Wishes,

Gary Jones (SOWAP)
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