Monday, 20 July 2015

SOWAP-save old Weymouth high street - 500 signatures on petition, lets hit 1000 before the WPBC meeting @ Pavilion at 19:00 this Thursday

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500 needed to reach 1,000

SOWAP-save old Weymouth high street are at 500 signatures, great work guys, keep sharing.  Halfway to our first 1000 on the petition, hopefully we'll hit that after we're on BBC radio Solent 96.1 FM, 103.8 FM, 999 MW, 1359 MW, DAB (NOW South Hampshire), Breakfast from Dorset @ 07:40 tomorrow.

It would be great to have our first thousand before the WPBC council meeting at the Pavilion at 19:00 this Thursday.(please come) Our new short, easy to remember (and mention a lot) petition url and a mention on the radio will get us even more supporters before the week is out... Please keep spamming friends, family and colleagues to join the group and sign the petition, it's a great cause.

I toured the site with some of the group earlier today after meeting to discuss the WPBC council meeting at the Pavilion. Terrible business. (business being the operative word)

 One of the old Town gate housings through which poured thousands of invading royalists at midnight of the 27th February 1645, thinking they would overrun the Parliamentarian defenders who they outnumbered six to one. But they underestimated local man, Colonel William Sydenham, who ambushed them and 200 of the attackers were slaughtered in the old High Street, before they were forced to retreat back out of the town.(from local historian Mark Vine)

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